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Bransch_brunch is a meeting place for the interdisciplinary and performing arts community at large, audience members and others who are interested in interchanging dialogues, share driving forces or articulate thoughts on specific working processes. Altogether intertwined in a shared space of social (brunch) choreographies. 

Bransch_brunch #1, Sunday 24th of September, 12 pm-2 pm 

Where: c.off/ccap studio, Körsbärsvägen 9 nb, Tekniska högskolan
Language: English
Voluntary donations

This first run of bransch_brunch hosts Cecilia Lagerström and Mertcan Semerci who have just started working as residents in our studio with deconstructing the performance Suffering. Branch_brunch #1 will gather around their working process with present intentions and directions. Cecilia Lagerström is a director from Gothenburg, Mertcan Semerci is a performer from Turkey, based in Poland, both with a background in physical theatre. 

Bransch_brunch #2, Friday 8th of December, 12:30 pm-1:30 pm

Where: c.off/ccap studio, Körsbärsvägen 9 nb, Tekniska högskolan

The second edition of bransch_brunch departs from the research project Danskvarteret run by Danscentrum Stockholm. Special guests that will be joining us for bransch_brunch #2 are executive director Tove Dahlbom and project leader Linda Adami.

Branch_brunch is supported by ABF Stockholm