CRIP_sessions (Critical Research In Procress) are a series of five interventions organized by during spring 2018, in collaboration with DOCH, the School of Dance and Circus and ABF Stockholm. CRIP_sessions depart from and work further with’s publications KROPPSFUNKTION – en antologi [CHOREOABILITIES – an anthology] (2015) and IMPERFEKTA (2017), which meets and investigates notions of ability, movement and language. In each session a specific, but intertwined theme is approached. In turn, we devote ourselves to a critical search for in-between places, in which notions of (dis)abilities and alikeness posed by the norm are investigated, discussed and re-considered.



CRIP_sessions # 1: TREES
January 21st, 1-4pm, Subtopia, Studio 3, Alby, Stockholm
Literature: Cristina Caprioli ”(im)perfekta träd” in ed. Frida Sandström ”Kroppsfunktion – en antologi” 2015,, pg. 44-55. This article is available in English as a digital document.

CRIP_sessions #2: Notions of participatory art
February 17th, 1-4pm,, Körsbärsvägen 9, Tekniska högskolan, Stockholm
Literature: Ann-Charlotte Glasberg Blomqvist "Är du med eller inte? Om deltagande i konst" in ed. Izabella Borzecka and Elin Grelsson Almestad "Trådbyggen från utsidan i parallell vändning" 2017,, pg. 35-42.
Read one of the following texts (your choice):
Jerome Bel & Jan Ritsema "Deras jobb är inte att dansa utan att se på andra som dansar – om de dansar" in ed. Cristina Caprioli och Sven-Olov Wallenstein "Koreografier" 2008, Raster pg. 333-350
Alex Kershaw "An Interview with Tania Bruguera – Immigrant Movement International: Five Years and Counting" in the online magazine FIELD:

CRIP_sessions #3: Notions of language
March 17th, 1-4pm,, Körsbärsvägen 9, Tekniska högskolan, Stockholm

CRIP_sessions #4: Labor and artistic practices
April 21st, 1-4pm,, Körsbärsvägen 9, Tekniska högskolan, Stockholm

CRIP_sessions #5: (Dis)abilities
May 26th, 1-4pm,, Körsbärsvägen 9, Tekniska högskolan, Stockholm


CRIP_sessions have free/voluntary entrance fee, but with limited seats. Enroll to each session in advance by emailing:

NB: The primary language for all sessions is Swedish if nothing else is announced.

The literature to each session is available on several libraries, both as printed and digital copies, or can be bought on Internet bookstores as well as through, or read on location in our READING EDGE library (under construction).

CRIP_sessions is a part of the project Kroppsfunktion, which is run by with support from Arvsfonden. The project recognizes and employs intellectual and cognitive so called “disabilities” as specific and highly developed abilities. The sessions are also a part of the free standing course “Variationer i funktioner och koreografi” [Variations in functions and choreography], offered at DOCH.

Find information about the accessibility to each session on each of which specific event. / +46 (0) 8 545 200 55 / Körsbärsvägen 9, nbt / 114 23 Stockholm

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