c.off | (im)perfect choreographies – a new project run by c.off and ccap


(im)perfect choreographies – a new project run by c.off and ccap

July 3, 2015 |

c.off has received funding from VINNOVA and Kulturbryggan to run a new project: (im)perfect choreographies.

(im)perfect choreographies is jointly owned by c.off and ccap, and will be implemented by and with VIDA care and education. VIDA manages so-called daily activities, an initiative under the Swedish law LSS. The project started in June and will continue until 2017.

The purpose of the project is to problematize, inspire and expand the fields of choreography, pedagogy and academia, and their respective understandings of and approach to the body and its abilities. (im)perfect choreographies wants to develop new methods and generate processes in order to construct bridges between artistic and academic fields and thus create cross-disciplinary work and normbreaking knowledge production concerning function and movement.

By linking functional issues, special education pedagogy and LSS, with high quality artistic practice, as well as theoretical and academic development, the project is both ambitious and unique, and opens up innovative processes in cultural life and in social care.

More information about the project as well as upcoming events will gradually be published on our website.