c.off | “Limited Entry – The Museum and The Quarantine” – another lecture performance held at c.off


“Limited Entry – The Museum and The Quarantine” – another lecture performance held at c.off

November 20, 2015 |

The series of lecture performance un/know/n will follow on November 25, at 3pm with Limited Entry – The Museum and The Quarantine by Adham Hafez in research partnership with HaRaKa, and artists from the Adham Hafez Company.

Adham pressPhoto: Adham Hafez

An Arab body cannot enter the EU without the lengthy, costly, and politically insulting process of Visa. Centuries ago, bodies had to go through the Lazaretto before crossing into a border of cities that were not infected by the plague. But, what is a plague in nowadays biopolitical reality? A Lazaretto was a space where microspaces were policed, regulated, and domesticated before being admitted into the larger domesticated spaces.

A body born within the EU and that carries its biopolitics has the right to enter, unannounced, into Arab cities without a visa process. Upon their appearance at the border -those bodies- they suspend borders. The borders are softened, made penetrable, made nonexistent. The way an Arab body’s appearance at the EU border suspends segments of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, complexifying terms such as ‘universal’, ‘rights’, and ‘human’.

Travelling between The Museum and The Quarantine, this is a lecture performance that argues for a politically incorrect nuancing of the term ‘human’, at times of radicalized political terrorism, slow violence, colonialist aches and frightful erotics, as it looks at the world as two experiences of space.

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Photo: Ahmad Aiyad and 2065BC Production

Choreographer, composer, performer and cultural producer, Adham Hafez studied contemporary dance at Cairo Opera House before moving to Amsterdam for his Master in Choreography, at the Amsterdam Theatre School. With a Master degree in political science from SciencePo (Paris), Adham’s work investigates what political art is at times of catastrophic change, having studied with Bruno Latour the impact of the human on nature; physically, artistically and politically. Awarded for his work as a choreographer, composer and cultural entrepreneur, Adham Hafez is currently a PhD candidate at New York University, completing a 15 years research on Arab performance history.

Adham Hafez publishes in Arabic and English on Arab art history and performance theory, and continues to direct the international festival “TransDance” in Cairo. He is the founder of the Arab world’s archive of contemporary Arab performing arts ARC.HIVE; a joint project between his company’s research platform HaRaKa, and the Lincoln Center’s Performing Arts Library in New York. Adham Hafez lives in New York and Cairo, and through his work continues to investigate Arabness, catastrophe, and the impact of political violence on aesthetics.
The lecture performance is held at c.off/ccap studio, Körsbärsvägen 9, in Stockholm. Entrance is free. Welcome!

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