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Release no.2 IMPERFEKTA, 14th of October, c.off
Ongoing from 2pm – 5pm, installations, imperfect plays and co-nversations to celebrate our new publication.

Release no.1 IMPERFEKTA, 12th of October, Konst-ig, Åsögatan 124, Medborgarplatsen
From 5pm – 7pm, mingle, music and performative reading to celebrate our new publication.

Bransch_brunch #1, 24th of September, c.off
A meeting place for the interdisciplinary and performing arts community in the format of brunch departing from the working process of resident Cecilia Lagerström and her collaborator Mertcan Semerci.

WISP pitch workshop, 12th of September, c.off 
Pitch workshop in collaboration with WISP (for women and transgenders exclusively).

Studiekretz #4 – Tja chat, tjena chien, 9th of September, c.off (part of MWF festival)
Informal program series departing from the concept of studycircles. This time concerning mimetic displacement with Marcus Doverud & Liv Strand.

My Wild Flag, 7-10th of September, c.off 
International dance and choreography festival.

NOFOD 2017, 13-17th of June, Gothenburg
(im)perfect choreographies no.2  at the international dance research conference NOFOD.

Performance Lab 2017, 4th of June, c.off 
Open viewing of Performance Labs participating artists work-in-progress in collaboration with IntraGalactic arts collective.

Scenkonstbiennalen 2017, 23-28th of May, Norrköping
(im)perfect choreographies no.1 one of 16 selected works to perform at Scenkonstbiennalen 2017 – the biennal of performing arts.

Transfest, 1-2nd of April, c.off 
Community & Cultural Festival, marking Trans Day of Visibility.

Studiekretz #3 – Intro: Fascia and Resting practice, 18th of March, c.off 
Informal program series departing from the concept of studycircles. This time with a theoretical lecture about Fascia followed by Resting practice with resident Cinzia Cita.

Dansens hus, 21st of Februari, Stockholm
(im)perfect choreographies performance as part of the conference Exchange Perspectives.

Svarta huset (Designhall), 14-26th of February, Stockholm
(im)perfect choreographies premiere and performances as part of a two weeks program with performances, installations, studiekretz #1 and studiekretz #2, readings, conversations and publications organized by c.off.