KROPPSFUNKTION – an anthology (2015)

forex handel strategien What if so-called disabilities would be acknowledged as abilities in our present time – as a specific and highly developed knowledge and expertise?


cryptocurrency ico list 2018 KROPPSFUNKTION – en antologi (choreo abilities – an anthology) challenges and investigates notions of such a place, in thought as well as in practice. With crip-theory as a framework, the writers rise complex questions of knowledge production and artistic practice.

enter The notion of choreography constitutes the contributor’s shared language when norm-breaking possibilities are acknowledged and articulated. Thus, a different knowledge is produced, discussed and re-assembled in this exceptional book. Moreover, a reading of KROPPSFUNKTION enables various practices, equally theoretical and practical, and can be used for both educational purposes and individual artistic or academic practice.

go site KROPPSFUNKTION [choreo-abilities] is one of several outcomes of the art and research project with the same name, which aim is to explore and challenge normative notions of body, ability, movement and language. This publication was produced and released after the project’s first year, which was then run by artistic collaborators from the daily activity center Vida omsorg och utbildning, the secondary special schools Kung Saga and Lindeparken, the non-profit organizations ccap and, artist and educator Zafire Vrba and Iki Gonzalez Magnusson from the non-profit organization Utopia. Contributing writers: Cristina Caprioli, Ioana Coricariou, Helena Dahlberg, Cecilia Germain, Cajsa Godée, Rosalind Goldberg, Emma Gran, Nadja Hjorton, Gina Ionescu, Emelie Johansson, Kung Saga gymnasium, Maryam Nikandish, Stina Nyberg, Tove Sahlin, Robin N Spegel, Renita Sörensdotter, Zafire Vrba, Hanna Wildow

go Editor: Frida Sandström

electricity options trading Graphic design: Sofia Engdahl Tryck: TMG Stockholm

follow url ISBN: 9789163791727

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With support from Culture Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lottery and Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs

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here NB: Swedish language.