c.off | c.along



      c. horeography c. aring c. ommunion
      a l o n g: 1. in company;together. 2. onward, forward, with progressive action.

During 2014-2015 c.off hosted a series of salons within c. along – an artistic research project about dialogue, intimacy and desire lines by Hanna Wildow — organised in collaboration with Sara Kaaman, Joel Galvez, Jess Arndt, Litia Perta, Cristina Caprioli, MYCKET (Katarina Bonnevier, Thérèse Kristiansson, Mariana Alves), Frédéric Gies, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Sara Magenheimer, Stina Nyberg, Laida Aguirre, Katherine Hubbard, Roxy Farhat, Moa-Lina Croall and Patriez van der Wens, produced and administrated by Izabella Borzecka and My Carnestedt.

The series of salons; hosted by c.off, ArkDes Stockholm and Participant Inc. New York, took shape as nine physical acts that explored habitual and performative modes of dialogue. The gatherings were choreographed by Hanna Wildow in collaboration with the ten practitioners and performed by a total of two hundred participants. Provoking a multitude of straying ideas, words and bodily actions; the explorations were thoroughly documented throughout their processes. Generated documents have been gathered, edited and further played on by five other practitioners. Accumulated, they form the digital collective online-choreography named c.along.com.

c.along.com hosts an archive of new and unpublished works; multiple letters, scores, scripts, notations, maps — two sound pieces, one audio guide, five videos, photography — stories written from guts and through elbows, narratives written in the act of falling/failing asleep, endless walkings and talkings, lots and lots of techno, speech and silence, memory works, deaths and bodies in decay, breakups and makeups, and boundaries that fall in to free collapse.

c.along was funded by Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, Kulturbryggan, and VINNOVA – Sweden’s Innovation Agency.