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center in marginal

center in marginal was a residency based project that took place in 2014.

center in marginal aimed to increase the cultural diversity amongst the residents in our space. center in marginal was particularly interested in initiatives in, from and about the margins: outside of institutions, between borders, excluded from unions, those living without official papers.

The residency within center in marginal was organized in collaboration with the Bosnian organization CRVENA, and hosts the Sarajevo based feminist curatorial group Red Min(e)d. During October 2014, Red Min(e)d created an artistic platform and archive – online, offline and live -  of women and feminist artists, based in the former Yugoslavia region and in Sweden. They presented a living archive laboratory, open to the public, offering a live exhibition, performances, site specific works and a discursive program. Red Min(e)ds’ residency and the Living Archive Stockholm Lab was funded by the Swedish Institute.