c.off | residency



The c.off residency is for dancers, choreographers, artists, curators, writers and others who need a place where their work can be entangled as much as it can be unfolded, and where a focus is put on the process rather than on the product.

We search for individuals and groups who are just beginning, who don’t fit into the more normative criteria of other residencies, or those whose work may elsewhere be considered too unarticulated— inquiries without a traced end, processes in the middle or in the very beginning, and explorations that argue with known disciplines and genres.

You are invited to use the space and its resources in whatever way might make your process its most abundant. This may be as a residency for a certain project, as your hub for general explorations, as a point of departure for gleaning further perspectives, as a space outside of your comfort zone, or as a room to get really comfy in. Residencies can be provided for a day, for a weekend, or for 1-4 weeks, depending on availability.

If you are interested in taking part in our residency program, please write us a note.
We have no forms and no formal application system. We simply want to know who you are, what you do, why and how you want to use the space during your residency. Send an email to Executive Director izabella.borzecka[at]coff.se and feel free to include links or attachments to current or past work.

See our list of past residents here