c.off | studiekretz



Studiekretz [study circuits] is an informal program series that is proposed experimentet by c.off/ccap during 2017. It departs from the concept of study circles and aims to provide and employ a space for alternative knowledge production, mutual learning processes and non-hierarchical social commons, to make further room for participants to reprocess, articulate and alter critical thinking within a discursive environment.

Past events
studiekretz #1 – (im)perfect choreographies with John Swedenmark in collaboration with Kritiklabbet
studiekretz #2 – (im)perfect choreographies: texts, videos
studiekretz #3 – Intro: Fascia and Resting Practice with Livo Wegelius and Cinzia Citá in collaboration with ccap and the Italian Cultural Institute
studiekretz #4 - Tja chat, tjena chien, concerning mimetic displacement with Marcus Doverud & Liv Strand
studiekretz #5 - Sounding score with Elise Nuding


Studiekretz is supported by ABF Stockholm