sounding score with Elise Nuding

On Saturday 18th of November in the frame of Studiekretz #5 our current resident Elise Nuding will share some proposals from her research and ongoing work. For two weeks now, Elise has been working in our studio with the project sounding score that explores the entanglement of material bodies as well as the in-between spaces. […]

Leaflet #8: READING EDGE is currently setting the ground work for our next initiative READING EDGE – a library experiment under construction to which we now call for independent publications. READING EDGE is a place dedicated to the rich and complex field of knowledge processed by the labor of choreography, performing arts and performance of today – and […]

OPEN CALL – for READING EDGE library under construction

OPEN CALL – until November 30th now calls for donations of printed and digital publications to our new initiative READING EDGE library. Donated publications will be carefully attended to and included in the reading edge’s database. Most importantly, each donation will be made accessible to visitors, who will be able to encounter and read […]