Skärmdump 2 Pipsa Perrin Poukka
Tableaus with Pipsa Perrin Poukka

Another one of our residents from this spring is Pipsa Perrin Poukka – a practitioner that wanted to find her way back to the movement and dialogue of dance. We asked her to tell us about her working process and relation to dance practice and movement. – I’m a dancer who stopped dancing about ten […]

Atvara with Karin Delén

One of our many residents during this spring is a group called Atvara. They are five performers with a shared belief in the preciousness of the ‘moment’, dance as a tool for change and a shifted focus from deficiencies to abilities. We asked the initiatior of the group, Karin Delén to tell us more about their […]

Performance Lab 2018

As an annual tradition (third year in a row) IntraGalactic arts collective inhabits our space for a three-day lab that explores performative practices within the field of visual arts. On the last day –  Sunday 10th of June from 12 (noon) to 3pm we open the doors and welcome you to take part of their work.  Performance […]