A Script of Desire – performance by resident Jamie Ross

The final week of april c.off studio is inhabited by artist and performer Jamie Ross from Canada. On saturday 30th , 4-5 pm he is giving  a public performance related to his project A script of Desire.

A Script of Desire is a ritual calligraphic performance project in which sacred space is opened, making room for subconscious desire through automatic writing. This project centres the cypher Ross developed as a closeted queer child to encode secret messages in his journals, mostly about my early sexuality and early experiments with magic. He has re-learned this script and adapted it to a cursive form after a decade of dormancy. This project has been presented in Argentina, Canada, Haiti and the USA.

This work comes on the heels of decades of experience with self-hypnosis (taught to him by his grandfather, a medical doctor), deeply integrated in the personal use of ecstatic sigil magic spell-work techniques. Much of Jamie’s artistic practice is motivated by an interest in logics of the sacred and magical, especially as articulated by queer pagan communities. Like any magic spell, this project emphasizes results beyond the conceptual art thought process: it can be best understood as part of his personal healing and contemplative practice. The project engages centrally with issues of multifaceted authorship and subjectivity. The living, contemporary artist should not always be conceived of as the creator of the writing or movement that is produced. The artist draws from a rich lineage of queer artists using script and writing, one that speaks back through time to the scared child who was so isolated that he invented a secret alphabet.  (The project is funded by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.)

JAMIE ROSS (1987, Canada) / was born in a little house above a buried river. Ross is an artist, filmmaker and writer. His writing has been anthologized and published in periodicals and artist’s books; his award-winning films have screened on four continents. His work blurs the lines of fact and fiction in its exploration of history and preoccupation with societal projections into the future. Personal psychogeography and senses of place are abiding interests. Creating and documenting queer community based on a sincere engagement with magic, grafting himself onto the rich artistic traditions of his ancestors, cultural and biological, is fundamental. Jamie lives in Montreal. Visit jamieross.org for more info about his work.

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