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Körsbärsvägen 9, nb

114 23 Stockholm

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Find your way and accessibility is located on the lower ground floor in a tower-block apartment building, less then 5 min walk from subway station Tekniska högskolan. The nearest bus station is Körsbärsvägen (bus 61) or Valhallavägen (bus 4).  A long the way there are several small plate signs that will show you directions to our space. Above our front door you will find a large dark gray entrance sign with ccap and logos. Use the door bell if the entrance is closed. We recommend mobility services to navigate Körsbärsvägen 7 on their GPS. In order to reach the front door, vehicles must drive over a sidewalk and follow along the Arcadia hotel facade. It is not possible to reach the venue by stairs or lift through the apartment building's entrance. The venue is accessible for movement disabilities. Regretfully, the venue does not provide a hearing loop or resources for vision diverseness.

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Izabella Borzecka
Executive Director
+46(0)76-237 89 65

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My Carnestedt
Administrative coordinator
+46 (0) 707 39 01 52

Cristina Caprioli
Artistic Director and Founder
Kai Ideström
Economy / Körsbärsvägen 9, nbt / 114 23 Stockholm

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