c.off rewarded with grant from The Swedish Institute

In March 2014, c.off was granted funding from The Swedish Institute in order to produce the project Living Archive together with the Bosnian Association for Culture and Art CRVENA and its feminist curatorial group Red Min(e)d. Living Archive is a collaborative project, that runs until March 31st 2015, with the purpose of creating an artistic platform and archive – online, offline and live – of women and feminist artists based in both the regions of former post-Yugoslavia as well as in Sweden. During October 2014 Red Min(e)d will visit Stockholm and produce, install and present a living archive laboratory together with artists based in Sweden. The living archive will be open to the public and offer a live exhibition, performances, site-specific works and a discursive program. In early 2015 c.off will travel to Sarajevo to participate in the release of the off-line archive in the CRVENA Space, and co-produce an event together with Red Min(e)d. For more information, please go to projects.

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