Aphelion Slip with Zoë Poluch

Another first time collaboration took place in the studio in May. The project Aphelion Slip is a collaborative performance with residents Zoë Poluch and Cara Tolmie as well as with Kim Coleman.

Aphelion Slip is built from a pocket full of triadic mediations on shared experiences of cumulative writing, light personalities, audible co-body treatments, reading dances, asynchronous premonitions, orbital hollers and janitorial operations. Using the concrete qualities of our respective lexicons of light, sound and movement, Aphelion Slip invokes poetic and trialogic responses, suggesting a sort of astral call and response.

For those of you in London, Aphelion Slip will premiere on June 3rd at Block Universe Festival.

Photo: Aphelion Slip, 2017. © the artists