Life is not a story with Minna-Kaisa Kallinen

Helsinki based resident Minna-Kaisa Kallinen currently inhabits our studio with her performance work Mountain that constitutes the third and final part of her trilogy Life is not a story. This is the story of the three (non) stories. – The idea for this trilogy, called Life is not a story, began to develop in my mind in […]

sounding score with Elise Nuding

On Saturday 18th of November in the frame of Studiekretz #5 our current resident Elise Nuding will share some proposals from her research and ongoing work. For two weeks now, Elise has been working in our studio with the project sounding score that explores the entanglement of material bodies as well as the in-between spaces. […]

Leaflet #8: READING EDGE is currently setting the ground work for our next initiative READING EDGE – a library experiment under construction to which we now call for independent publications. READING EDGE is a place dedicated to the rich and complex field of knowledge processed by the labor of choreography, performing arts and performance of today – and […]

OPEN CALL – for READING EDGE library under construction

OPEN CALL – until November 30th now calls for donations of printed and digital publications to our new initiative READING EDGE library. Donated publications will be carefully attended to and included in the reading edge’s database. Most importantly, each donation will be made accessible to visitors, who will be able to encounter and read […]

Welcome to IMPERFEKTA release no.1 and no.2

Join us to celebrate our new IMPERFEKTA publication with two times release. First out a release hosted by art bookstore Konst-ig. Free entrance and two hours of mingle and music plus performative readings starting at 6pm. Release number two takes place in our own studio space with installations, readings and co-versations with traces of imperfect […]

Deconstructing Suffering with Cecilia Lagerström

  In recent years, descriptions and images of human suffering have become an increasingly common part of the everyday media flow in our global society. The images are often taken from a distance and lack the sufferer’s own voice.  These were observations that led to the project Suffering that our current resident Cecilia Lagerström now seeks to develop […]

Leaflet #7: My Wild Flag

The nights are getting darker and fall is on it’s way. At we are preparing for a release of a new publication in October, related to our work with (im)perfect choreographies and KROPPSFUNKTION (choreo-abilities). In our space at Körsbärsvägen in Stockholm we are also preparing for a festival. As one of two partners and […]

Studiekretz #4 with Marcus Doverud & Liv Strand

  9th of September 3 pm – 4:30 pm at, Körsbärsvägen 9, Stockholm. Studiekretz #4 is arranged as a part of My Wild Flag festival. To book your place for the performance, sign up here Studiekretz #4: Tja chat, tjena chien, concerning mimetic displacement – departs from mime as a concept and a form of […]

Pitch workshop with WISP

Welcome to a pitch workshop in collaboration with WISP (for women and transgenders exclusively.) Tuesday 12th of September 4pm – 10 pm in studio Join us to try out your pitch on a friendly feminist! The workshop is set out to be a platform were women and transgenders in performing arts can discuss, develop […]

In [Brackets] with Anna Pehrsson

Former Cullbergballet dancer Anna Pehrsson is currently inhabiting the studio with her upcoming work In [Brackets]. The project is set out to rethink the genre ”solodance” via intimacy, intensity and exposure as it hosts practices of tying, twining, weaving and looping.   – Basically I work with threads and the body as a circuit of nets and […]