Reading edge interview: Moa Franzén with ordbok/lexicon

As the reading edge library slowly takes shape, more and more publications are becoming a part of its diversified collection. With a point of departure in specific works and the artists behind them, the Reading edge interviews attempt to initiate an extended discourse regarding publishing and performative practices, and the transgressive field where those poetics […]

Leaflet #10 A place for manifold gatherings

c.off is not only a place for rentals and residencies. Throughout the year we also arrange and care of different public events and interventions that meet, reconsider and renew choreographic, artistic and interdisciplinary exchanges. Besides our seminar program CRIP_sessions that is in progress during the spring, we periodically invite peers from the choreographic and artistic […]

Interdisciplinary Nordic Performance Bash at c.off

Welcome to hang out at c.off 7 -11pm, May 19 with dancers, choreographers, visual artists and musicians from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. Vision Forum in collaboration with c.off invite you to an evening of food and performance that brings together visual art, dance, choreography and contemporary music from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The […]

Sensory Futures #1: THE WORK TO END ALL LABOR

Warmly welcome to ‘The work to end all labor’ – a performative & critical gathering on June 2nd 2-8 pm at c.off.  This is the first iteration of the Sensory Futures-series, organized by Marianna Feher. Join at anytime, the format is open. Some soft drinks and snacks will be provided on site. A detailed time-schedule will be […]

Culture Night at c.off/ccap

Welcome to CRIP_sessions: practice exchange on Culture Night of Stockholm, the 21th of April. This evening former c.off-residents have been invited to form a performative intervention by themselves, and share their specific artistic practice and labor with an audience. Moreover, c.off will share publications in a choreographed installation, a sneak-peak of the upcoming Reading edge […]

Poetic Procedures open dance class is back

Poetic Procedures is a choreographic format for Swedish choreographer, artist and reoccuring c.off resident Pontus Pettersson, to share his current interests and work. It started as an evening activity on Tuesday nights in the autumn of 2016 at ccap/c.off where Pontus hosted open dance classes for anyone to come and join. It then emerged into […]

Leaflet #9: Introducing CRIP_sessions

During the spring of 2018, c.off work further with the accumulated knowledge the outcomes and from the projects KROPPSFUNKTION (choreo-abilities) and (im)perfect choreographies. In CRIP_sessions (Critical Research In Progress) our aim is to discuss and further investigate notions on ability, movement and language. CRIP_sessions (Critical Research In Procress) are a series of five interventions organized […]

VOID with Irina Anufrieva

Irina Anufrieva is a choreographer, dancer and current resident in our studio. She is using the studio time for a revisit as she is taking up the work of her solo dance performance VOID, originally performed in Minsk in 2013. We asked her to tell us some more about the piece and how she has […]