Reading edge art book festival 2019

  Welcome to the very first Reading edge art book festival! Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of June, 12-5pm c.off / ccap, Körsbärsvägen 9 nb, Tekniska högskolan Free entrance Reading edge art book festival brings together independent organizations and individual artists who run their own publishing practice of artists’ books, zines, magazines, discursive books, photo […]

Betrakta eller delta – om den kritiska positionens förutsättningar/Observe or participate – on the conditions of the critical position

(English translation below) Under Kulturnatten på c.off 2018 bad vi konstkritikern och essäisten Josefin Gladh att dokumentera och reflektera kring kvällens händelser. Utkomsten blev denna text, som handlar om kritikerns relation till den deltagande konsten och dokumentationens (o)möjligheter.   Betrakta eller delta, om den kritiska positionens förutsättningar Josefin Gladh MALIN & ANITA ”The awareness of […]

Leaflet # 14 Culture Night – Critical Night

For the second year in a row c.off opens the doors as part of Stockholm Culture Night. From 6-12 pm the 27th of April we host seminars, performances, talks, installations, book launches and similar ongoing and discursive interventions in the typical c.off-spirit. This year the title of the evening is Critical Night and it will […]

Morphing (transforming) with Maria Teresa Tanzarella

The research for a new solo has just begun as resident Maria Teresa Tanzarella has been working in our small studio for the last two weeks. The working title is morphing (transforming) and studies repetition as a fundamental driving force.  We asked her to share some insights of the working process, how she approaches repetition […]

Reading edge art book festival: Call for participation!

  Apply to the very first Reading edge art book festival, held at c.off in Stockholm, June 8-9th. Reading edge is a library dedicated to the field of knowledge processed by the labor of choreography, performing arts and performance of today, and collects artists’ books and other experimental forms of publications in various format and materiality, published […]

Leaflet #13: Delta – shared work, body to body

New year and new exciting projects and activities are taking place in our space! One of them is Delta – a coming together for choreographic and performative work to be shared and exercised, a place for sharing work by doing the work. Body to body, bodies and body. A container for participatory projects, dancing, exchange and […]

20190215_073312 (1)
Fragile archives with Anna Bontha

Anna Bontha is one of our residents that has been busy in the studio during the past month. She has been working on the new project “Ömma arkiv” (Fragile Archives in English), a performance that investigates the tradition and methods of dance as a bodily practice. We seized the moment to talk some more about […]

KAI-EN porous
Porous with KAI-EN

Butoh dancer and choreographer KAI-EN has been a resident in our studio with several projects during the years. The latest work is the project “Porous” that will be performed at Fylkingen this week 6th-8th of December. As the title reveals, Porous evolves around porosity as a state of transformation. We met with KAI-EN to get to know […]

Baroque Architecture and Submission with Carima Neusser

This week resident and choreographer Carima Neusser inhabits our studio with the project Baroque Architecture and Submission together with the dancers Laura Oriol and Adriano Wilfert Jensen. On Saturday and Sunday 3-4th of November we open the doors for an audience to take part of the project within the frame of Studiekretz. –  an informal […]