Collect(ive) zine now on our website

Collect(ive)#1 is the latest add to the collection of publications, available to read on our website in digital format and as a printed zine in the Reading edge library. Collect(ive) #1 was crafted during the opening and inauguration of Reading edge library on 29th of August by School in Common as an ongoing interactive intervention together with the audience and participating artists.  They  invited those who were present to contribute with writings, drawings, poems, diagrams, images, statements and questions which was then gathered, edited and self-published in Collect(ive)#1 by School in Common and

Collect(ive)#1 is part of an ongoing investigation into collective zine-making as a form of study initiated by School in Common in 2018.  Collect(ive) thinks through documenting as a playful and plural act. It is a collection of thoughts — written, whispered, spoken, asked, answered, drawn, photographed — together forming a subjective, performative and incomplete recollection of an event.

School in common is a nomadic, self-organised school initiated in Stockholm in 2017 by friends and collaborators Alen Ksoll and Rosa Paardenkooper. Combining ideas from critical pedagogy with the core values of commoning, they set out to create an environment for discussing, learning and being in common, fostering collaboration, mutual recognition and support.

They think of commoning as social relations that reflect solidarity, friendship and care-taking. It motivates us in shaping concrete alternatives – albeit small – to capitalist and patriarchal hegemony, in continuous dialogue with feminist, queer and decolonial thought.