Culture Night at

Welcome to CRIP_sessions: practice exchange on Culture Night of Stockholm, the 21th of April. This evening former have been invited to form a performative intervention by themselves, and share their specific artistic practice and labor with an audience.

Moreover, will share publications in a choreographed installation, a sneak-peak of the upcoming Reading edge library, and our sister-organization ccap will share a first preview of their upcoming production. The participants practice choreography, performance, art, literature, sound and further border-crossing art practices. Watch, listen, talk, take part, rest. Stay for a little while our hang out for the whole evening. Soup and beverages are offered for cost price and our venue at Körsbärsvägen 9 is open between 6 PM until midnight.


_ Marie Gavois & Irina Anufrieva

_ Elise Nuding

_ Hugo Hedberg and Karen Eide Bøen

_ Intragalactic arts collective / Maria Högbacke

_ Intragalactic arts collective / Malin Ståhl & Anita Wernström

_ Mirko Guido

_ Sanna Söderholm

_ ccap with Agnieszka Sjökvist Dlugoszewska, Hana Erdman, Louise Dahl, Louise Perming, Pavle Heidler & Ulrika Berg

+ Installations and videowork by

_ Cissila Adayemi

_ Pontus Pettersson

_ Minna-Kaisa Kallinen

_ choreographed book table

_ reading edge sneak peak


For more details and updates, go to the Facebookevent.