Delta is back with two interventions this fall

First out Delta #5: Choreoversations with Thiago Granato next week on October 29th 7pm-9:30pm. Thiago Granato is a Brazilian dance artist, based in Berlin, who is engaged in creating choreographies with the potential of developing different ways to approach movement. His productions are the results of processes that insist on promoting experiences of political transformation through aest-hetic innovation.

Is imagining the presence of someone or something the same as having his/her/its presence? What is the body of a presence? What is a presence constituted by? Does presence need a body to exist? Are there different kinds of presences than the one known by a body manifesting the quality of being here (space) and now (time)? If there are diffe-rent types of presences, in what conditions do these presences become present? How to relate with different kinds of presences? How to deal with the presence of those who are no longer among us? How can different types of presences coexist?

The Choreoversations project is a choreographic research by Thiago Granato that start-ed at Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart (Germany) during an artistic residency in 2013 and 2014. The main concept that structures this project is the creation of three solo dance pieces (trilogy) based on different imaginary collaborations between dead (1º solo – Treasured in the Dark) and living (2º solo – Trança) choreographers, as well as those not yet born (3º solo – Trrr ).

The interest of this project is in how it is possible to consider different kinds of presences in a choreographic creation process and experimenting with how those presences can stimu-late the production of new corporealities.

Through a combination of research, creation, production and self-education, this project mainly aims to create a diffractive network of relationships between the participating artists and their public, real and imagined. It engenders discussions about history, fiction, au-thorship, property, embodiment, autonomy, absence and presence in the contemporary dance canon.


Delta #5: Choreoversations with Thiago Granato has a limited number of participants. Reserve your spot by email to Also make sure to be on time as we plan to start on time at 7pm with an introduction. If you are not there for the intro it’s not possible to join later.

On October 31st and November 1st Thiago Granato will also perform Trrr at Weld.

SAVE THE DATE for the second Delta of this fall – that will take place on Tuesday November 26th. More info tba.