Happenings, festivals and performances in September

September starts of  with an intense schedule as we will host two festivals, one release and performances in between. First out 5th and 7th of September is the international dance and choreography festival My Wild Flag that is back at c.off for the second year in a row with opening ceremony, performances and film screening. This will be followed by a premier 8th of September of the theater performance Frieda x3 about the artist and feminist icon Frida Kahlo. 12-15th of September we open our doors for several acts from Stockholm Fringe festival and the first branch_brunch of the season together with participating artists from the festival. Last but not least on 29th of September we will host the release of Koreografisk Journal #5 in conjunction with the newly opened Reading edge library.


My Wild Flag is an international dance and choreography festival in Stockholm. MWF consists of local and international acts and scenarios that proposes contemporary choreographic and artistic work. Bringing communities together and joining in social choreographies as well as works devoted for the stage. MWF wants to meet current urgencies where bodies, thinking and beings disturb and embrace the ways we perceive the world. My Wild Flag is curated by Karina Sarkissova and Pontus Pettersson.


Wednesday 5th of September 8pm @c.off
Opening ceremony
Florence Peake & Eve Stainton
photo by Anne Tetzlaff
THE VAGINA as a symbolic portal and transportation device to suck us into continuous opening…
This on-going collaborative project explores the expressive potentialities of queer bodies through intimacy, touch and collective reclaiming. Promoting an emotional landscape of bravery in response to restrictive normative attitudes to the sensual and visceral body, ‘Slug Horizons’ enquires into the marginalised affection, sexuality, power and energies within the intimate bodies of women, prioritising the queer lesbian experience. Using the work as a metaphor for non monogamy, Florence Peake and Eve Stainton pull on the absurd management of their relationship. A continuous physical and psychological negotiation unfolds to transverse complex relational terrain.
Florence and Eve work independently as artists engaged in disparate practices in different stages of our careers, meeting through ideas around the queer body, sexuality, desire and heightened states of consciousness. They have a shared background in movement that has spurred a non verbal dialogue for more intimate modes of relating between people, spaces and institutions.


Friday 7th of september 8pm @c.off
Lydia Östberg Diakté & Casper-Malte Augusta
photo from videowork by Casper-Malte Augusta
Can you hear me, can you hear, can you hear me I know you can hear me.
The angels spoke to god and he laid thou hand upon thee and whispered softly ‘What’s between God and humanity is private’. The angels responded annoyingly “No please! Please let them accept the present that was brought them. For to see our face is like seeing the face of the heavenly”.  Do you hear me though?
The message will be served by yet another divine duet, two two spirited angels Casper-Malte Augusta and Lydia Östberg Diakité. Both based in Copenhagen working with a narrative on western symbolism/signifiers of spirituality and religion. Working on replacing the unrepresented empowered high femme in the historical themes of the strong, dom and masc bodies through the media of dance and choreography.

Saturday 8th of september 6pm (premiere) & Sunday 9th of September 3pm @c.off
EvaMaria Oria, Dasha Nikiforova, Naida Ragimova
Photo by Malin Nerby
Frieda x 3 is a performance that moves with its own rhythm. It jerks and caresses. Life blooms only to crack, and then sprout again. In the glittering, warped, cutting and smooth shards that make up a life is Frida Kahlo. And are we.
The performance is produced by Viva, a Stockholm based company of performing arts founded 2017. Viva creates inderdisciplinary theatre performances focusing on movement, humor and the absurd. Viva wants to highlight life from a different point of view and create art that moves. Visit their website for more info and tickets. 


Stockholm Fringe Festival (Stoff) is a multidisciplinary arts festival, acting as a ‘stage’ for local and international artists to present their innovative work ranging from performance to installation art and anything in between. The festival stands for artistic freedom and focuses on out-of-the-box and “alternative” works that may not fit into mainstream performance or exhibition spaces. Stoff is a chance for arts practitioners to test new ideas, network and collaborate with other artists, develop work, and get inspired by many different creative expressions.

This year STOFF presents 70 acts from 23 countries during 5 days at 8 venues: Bångska Våningen, c.off, Högkultur, Slaktkyrkan, Södra Teatern, Teater Tre, Ö2 and Zita Folkets Bio. Find the digital festival program here .

Wednesday 12th of September @c.off

11:30 am: Branch Brunch, Creative process discussion with some of this years STOFF 2018 performance/dance talent. 60min. FREE ENTRY / PAY AS YOU LIKE food.

1 pm: When it turns red – Dance / Performance with Evie Demetriou (Cyprus) 20min. Does being constantly busy symbolises something? Is “being busy” related to our self-worth? Playing with both abstraction and narration the performance of Evie Demetriou questions the consequences of being busy on the body and the self.

When it turns red –  Evie Demetriou

2 pm: Laterland – WORKSHOP by Benedikte Esperi Produktion (Sweden) 240min. This workshop is related to “Laterland”  performance that is a 10-minute choreographic statements and actions in public space. It is as much a biographical historiographic experiment as a corporeal manifesto.

Laterland – Benedikte Esperi Produktion

8pm: PlatonPlatina – Theatre / Performance by Temporarity Production & Alicja Ziolko Productions (Norway/Sweden) 60min. A talkshow with two platina blond middle aged women discussing philosophy and science. This is a show that is inspired by Plato’s text Hippias Minor where Socrates argues that the voluntary lie is better than the involuntary lie.

Temporarity Production & Alicja Ziolko Productions

9 pm:  Laterland PERFORMANCE (FREE) by Benedikte Esperi Produktion (Sweden) 10min“Laterland”  is 10-minute choreographic statements and actions in public space. It is as much a biographical historiographic experiment as a corporeal manifesto.


Thursday 13th of September @c.off

7 pm: PlatonPlatina – Theatre / Performance by Temporarity Production & Alicja Ziolko Productions (Norway/Sweden) 60min.


Friday 14th of September @c.off

7 pm: When it turns red – Dance / Performance with Evie Demetriou (Cyprus) 25min.

8:30 pm: Ranunculus – Dance / Performance by Daniella Eriksson  (Sweden) 30min. In a delicate mixture of body, feelings and nonsense Daniella Eriksson seeks to raise questions about our perception of reality. Ranunculus is an intimate solo and a seductive invitation to an existential landscape.

Ranunculus – Daniella Eriksson

Saturday 14th of September @c.off

4 pm Ranunculus– Dance / Performance by Daniella Eriksson  (Sweden) 30min.


29th of September, 6 pm – 9 pm @c.off

Release Koreografisk Journal #5: text

Koreografisk Journal #5 with the theme Text focus on the relationship between choreography and text as interrelated practices. The fifth issue of Koreografisk Journal publishes fifteen texts by choreographers, artists, curators and critics that are working with both writing and movement based practices.

For the event of the release of Koreografisk Journal # 5, we have curated koreoochgrafi, to which we have invited choreographers and dancers to respond, be choreographed, re-choreograph, write and read texts in the journal; to move the text and write the movement.

The writers in Koreografisk Journal #5 are: Caroline Byström, Sybrig Dokter, Marcus Doverud, Marie Fahlin, Moa Franzén, Tova Gerge, Josefin Gladh, Mirko Guido, Efva Lilja, Peter Mills, Pontus Pettersson, Frida Sandström, Kajsa Sandström, Malin Ståhl and Hannah Zafiropoulos.

Participators in koreoochgrafi: Pär Andersson, Anna Asplind, Minna Berglund, Elise Brewer, Rebecca Chentinell, Marie Fahlin, Moa Franzén, Tova Gerge, Frédéric Gies, Mirko Guido, Pontus Pettersson, Per Sacklén, Rebecka Stillman, Maria Öhman and Cicilia Östholm.

The journal is produced by Koreografiska konstitutet.