(im)perfect choreographies at NOFOD conference in Gothenburg





The c.off production (im)perfect choreographies has been selected to join the international dance conference NOFOD 2017. The conference is organised by the Nordic Forum for Dance Research at the University of Gothenburg. This year is the 13th edition of the conference and has the title “Dance and Democracy”. The conference brings together diverse forms of dance research and practices with the aim to explore dance in relation to the issues of democracy such as empowerment, social justice, equality and freedom.

(im)perfect choreographies is both a performance and an art and research project. Since the start back in 2015 (im)perfect choreographies has been investigating alternative knowledge production and mutual learning processes with the starting point in a democratic idea of language through choreography and polyphonic (dys)conversations.

On Saturday 17th of June, one part of the project, (im)perfect choreographies no.2, will be performed live.

For more info visit the NOFOD website and conference timetable.

(im)perfect choreographies participation and performance at NOFOD conference is supported by Allmänna Arvsfonden and Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs.