[krahy – seez] A reader by PiR residents Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN and xiri tara noir

We are happy to present the publication [ krahy-seez ], which is the outcome of Publishers in Residence Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN’s and xiri tara noir’s residency at c.off in March 2020, supported by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme.

In the publication [ krahy-seez ] body-philosopher Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN and activist-choreographer xiri tara noir have been working with how they inherent in their practices through activism, body-philosophy, and choreography already hold the resources for finding SIMPLE SOLUTIONS FOR MESSY SCENARIOS. They have worked with this through linking their own personal and professional experiences to the three simple expressions; jam, pickle and stew.

“Jam, Pickle, and Stew are perfect examples of conceptual metaphors. A window into a perspective brought to social beings with abilities to speak, listen, and use language to communicate. An experimentation to borrow metaphorical usage of words as used in poetry, to find poetics of language that has an overpowering influence on thought, without banalizing [krahy-seez]. This is an attempt to write, redraft and rescript the present as a history from a future perspective.” from [ krahy-seez ] by Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN and xiri tara noir, PiR – Publishers in Residence 2020 at c.off.

The scores in the publication can be practiced everywhere and by everyone whenever a messy situation occur.

Feel free to download, read and print the publication here or read it online at our issuu page.

A special edition physical print of the publication [ krahy-seez ] can be found, read, and practiced at Reading edge library in our space at Körsbärsvägen 9.




Here is a proposal for one possible way to read  “an anthology of (mis)organised words”, which is found in Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN’s after-pages in [ krahy-seez ]:


Find a space that feels right for you at this moment.

    • Settle in, feel your belly and take a deep long breath.

    • Say the anthology of (mis) organised words.

    • You can choose 4 to 5 words from (mis) organised words.

    • Try it again.

    • Do you feel full? High? Refreshed?

    • Do you want to laugh? Scream? Stop?


Listen to this sample where Salla Friberg, invited by Vishnu Vardhani RAJAN, reads outloud the (mis)organised words to feel the effect.