Leaflet #10 A place for manifold gatherings

c.off is not only a place for rentals and residencies. Throughout the year we also arrange and care of different public events and interventions that meet, reconsider and renew choreographic, artistic and interdisciplinary exchanges.

Besides our seminar program CRIP_sessions that is in progress during the spring, we periodically invite peers from the choreographic and artistic field in a so-called ”branch_brunches”. The purpose of these gatherings are, besides pancakes and coffee, to uphold an anticipated, informal meeting place within the choreographic and performance art community at large who are interested in exchanging conversations, sharing common driving forces and articulate thoughts on work processes, artistic practices or other urgent issues. Altogether intertwined in a shared space of a social (brunch) choreography. The next brunch will be in conjunction to Karin M Jamesons Klein-technique class, which has been held in our studio every Friday morning throughout the year.

The public interventions that are arranged at c.off by ourselves or others, verge to promote other ways of gathering in space, where knowledge can be shared, disseminated and accumulated in a non-hierarchical environment, as well as strengthen a community.

– The art practitioners, organizations or collectives who are engaged in our space practice a multitude of different, but alienated art practices, which manifest the rich and multilayered artistic labor that is processed by independent art operators of today. We want to continue to uphold and enhance such a place, where different, yet alienated gatherings and events can exits in their own right and be open for different kinds of people, elaborates Izabella Borzecka, Executive Director of c.off.

For the ending of this term, we have some interesting public interventions approaching. All of which invites you to an open space for conversations, critical thinking and knowledge exchanges.

Already this weekend we collaborate with the mobile laboratory Vision Forum and host the eventInterdisciplinary Nordic Performance Bash. We welcome you to an evening of food and performance that brings together visual art, dance, choreography and contemporary music from Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. The session is neither an open house, nor dinner, workshop or performance event – it is an open space for conversations, exchanges and the bar is open all night.

Later on, in the beginning of June, c.off is hosting the performative & critical gathering Sensory Futures #1: THE WORK TO END ALL LABOUR, organized by Marianna Feher with a long list of brilliant artists, writers and theorists: Olivia Berkowicz, Rasmus Fleischer, Astrid Grelz, Alice Håkansson, Julia Kouneski, Mattin, Max Ronnersjö, Frida Sandström and Karl Sjölund. This one-day session is an attempt to, in various ways, address and conceptualize critical aspects on (art)work, value-criticism, and revolutionary legacies – in order to put forward notions of critical thinking across and beyond capitalist modes of production, and to cross-think some (im)possible future directions.

As usual, Performance Lab by IntraGalactic Arts Collective will also take place at our space in June. This time also including a summerish branch_brunch!

To follow and stay informed of what is happening at c.off, the best way is to check in ”events” here on our website.