Leaflet #13: Delta – shared work, body to body

New year and new exciting projects and activities are taking place in our space! One of them is Delta – a coming together for choreographic and performative work to be shared and exercised, a place for sharing work by doing the work. Body to body, bodies and body. A container for participatory projects, dancing, exchange and choreographic inquiries.

Delta functions as a participatory space, where an invited guest share the choreographic intention and inquiry on the floor (not on stage). A space for people to explore their bodies and move together, as individuals and collective. For every occasion a zine is released, available in print and online.  Delta is organized in collaboration with artist and choreographer Pontus Pettersson. Here he tells us a litte bit more about the idea of Delta and what to expect:

“Delta is a sequel of my project Poetic Procedures. The idea of that project, as well as Delta, is pretty simple. Instead of watching a choreography being performed on stage you participate in the choreography and make it together. For me it’s about making choreography and dance accessible as a language. There’s so much interesting work that has been done and is being done that I think more people should take part of.

We borrow the form from that of a dance class. However, in this particular form we are united in movement and the ”teacher” act like a host for the choreography, rather than drilling steps to perfection. Every Delta will be different, depending on the host for the evening. The theme of a specific evening can be anything connected to the body and movement. During the first event, which was held on the 5th of February and hosted by myself, we used a mix of different choreographies and methods.

In connection to Delta a zine is produced, both in print and as a digital edition. The ambition is the same for the zine as for the event: it’s about making dance and choreography accessible, but also to provide a document for reference and to return to. The dance in itself is ephemeral, but much of the choreographic work today consist of theoretical textes and scores. Thus the zine becomes a sort of container for the preparatory work, in the same way that the room is a container for the movements and choreographies which are proposed. The zine can also be used as a note book during the class. Sometimes the zine is used as part of the class. For example the host might use it as a repository for texts he or she want to use; a movement manuscript, a collection of poems for recital, etcetera.

Later this spring Frédéric Gies will be hosting a Delta session with his Technosomatics. It’s a kind of body hack while you dance, where he works with the glands that produces different hormones and substances in the body and different ways of getting access to them, while you dance to techno. In March we have Malin Arnell and Mario Fjell as well as Anna Mesquita and Leandro Zappala that constitute the duo Quatro Artist-Duo will be the guests and hostess.

Delta is open for everyone, regardless of background and prior knowledge, and is free of charge.”

To read more about Delta, visit the project site here. And to find upcoming dates and time for Delta during the spring, check out events.