Leaflet #15: A soma sonata at the very first Reading edge festival!

Our very first Reading edge art book festival is approaching! One week from now, our space will be filled with independent organizations and individual artists who run their own publishing practice of artists’ books, zines, magazines, discursive books, photo books, digital publications or elaborate with other experimental publishing formats. The festival includes book tables, presentations, seminars, performances and readings.

We took the opportunity to speak to one of the festival participants; Julia Azuki who will exhibit and perform together with Partik Dallard and their ongoing collaboration SymbioLab.

Could you tell us more about your work and collaboration with Patrick Dallard and SymbioLab, with whom you will exhibit and perform during the Reading edge festival?

I work with transformative processes across the fields of visual, relational, performance and sound art. I first came to Sweden in 2002 to sculpt ice and snow and made installations that melted for 7 years. Since then my work has turned to a more embodied enquiry, exploring underlying frictions of the human environmental crisis through the sensuous relation of inner and outer landscapes.

The somatic movement practice Skinner Releasing has become integral to my research and in collaborative process. It was through the releasing process that I became very interested in resonance; of the poetic, vibrational and empathetic. In collaboration with people with deaf blindness and visual impairment I developed Resonant Bodies; an acoustic instrument from a hollow tree for experiencing the physicality of sound, that has since toured as part of the exhibition Kännbart.

Patrick Dallard and I now continue the work with tactile sound and participatory performance in our collaboration SymbioLab with the mobile LyssnarLab. For the past year we have been touring and collaborating LSS centers from Stockholm to Strängnäs with the project Roots of Resonance, developing new tactile sound instruments and experiences together with people with functional variations. Together with the collective Ljudtornet we are also curating the sound art festival ANTENN in the old water tower in Gnesta, in September this year.

What will you do/show during the Reading edge festival?

I’m here to share Somatic Tarot readings, from my book in the Reading Edge collection A Soma Sonata, which I wrote in 2017 during my MA in New Performance Practices at DOCH and Skinner Releasing teacher training. This work continues to evolve and is now woven into a tactile sound experience with the instrument bAUM that I play together with Patrick Dallard.

I’m also launching a new piece, an instrument for listening and book project; Reciproscope.

Tell us more about Somatic Tarot readings – what is it, what is the mobile greenhouse and what will happen at the festival?

The mobile greenhouse has just found its name; LyssnarLab. It’s a mobile space for experiential ecology that Patrick and I built 10 years ago, that first housed the Eat and be Eaten aquaponic system and now is home to the tactile sound instrument bAUM. Somatic Tarot readings take place as a game of Tarot. I’ve made a set of cards from A Soma Sonata tarot book, which participants are invited to draw from. The cards are then sung and sounded through the drum membrane and on the strings of bAUM, resonating right through all bodies in contact. We work with the tangible vibrations of tactile sound to engage a listening with all the senses, each other and with earth. In this exploration of ecological-social relations and vital materialities we wonder – how may tactile sound multi-sensory listening may assist in cultivating an expanded perception of ecological community?

Photo: Per Tärnström




it begins when we place our hands on the bench, wood grain lines connecting us

a light touch on tensioned strings sends tangible vibrations undulating, through the wood, through our

hands, arms, bones, waking sleeping senses to a materiality that is live, vibrant even, borders

remember porosity and the affect of the invisible entrains


Read the full festival program in our Facebook-event or here on our website.