Leaflet #5: (im)perfect prospects

A new year is waiting for us, with performances, publications, residencies, studiekretzar (study circuits) and more in the pipeline. c.off continues to pursue and expand from our space at Körsbärsvägen in Stockholm, where we will have our base for another year. This busy year kicks off with two premieres: (im)perfect choreographies and Mina egna kroppar

Right now we are in the final rehearsing phase of the norm-disruptive performances that will take place at Svarta huset in Stockholm, between the 14th to the 25th of February. Starting off with the premiere of (im)perfect choreographies on the 14th of February, the two weeks will include several performances, installations, readings and much more. In conjunction with the premiere, (im)perfect plays no. 1 will also be released – one of several upcoming publications.

02:05 DP: Det är bara bra för tillväxten. Detta sker, tro det eller ej, varför gör inte fler detta? Varför vågar inte jag hänga och slänga i världen? Utan sitter mest fast i utkanten. Vem vill vara den som orsakar spänning och fall, trots att ingenting brister i dagens nya tid. Vem har tid när det brister. Att se när det brister och slocknar. Bockar och bugar. Tittar och blyges. Som penséer.

The publication is one of the several outcomes of the art and research project (im)perfect choreographies, which in accordance with crip theory challenges the normative understanding of ability, body, movement and language. The project recognizes and employs so-called intellectual and cognitive “disabilities” as specific and highly developed abilities. The project, as this publication, distance itself from “integrated dance” to instead advocate for and implement equality beyond the demands on assimilation and alikeness posed by the norm. On stage, in writing and in the working process, the deviant sensorial is affirmed as constitutive to the becoming of art, likewise of a non-hierarchical social common.

03:04 ML: Penséer.

During this year, c.off along with ccap will arrange a new program series in connection to our ongoing projects and residents. “Studiekretzar” (study circuits), aims to provide and employ a space for alternative knowledge production, mutual learning processes and non-hierarchical social commons, to make further room for participants to reprocess, articulate and alter critical thinking within a discursive environment.

03:05 DP: Penséer. Balanserandes på tråden, som spänner sig i krumbukter, utan att förhäva sig i tiden

The first two studiekretz will take place as a part of our program in Svarta huset, in collaboration with Kritiklabbet. They will depart from the performance (im)perfect choreographies and its many knowledge producing outcomes. The audience is invited to an unconditioned conversation about everything that the polyphonic project holds.

Welcome to a perfect (im)perfect choreography!

February 14 7 PM (premiere NB prior registration required)

February 16 7 PM

February 17 7 PM

February 18 6 PM with studiekretz after

February 23 7 PM

February 25 6 PM with studiekretz after

Svarta Huset, LM Ericssons väg 26, Telefonplan

Free entrance

The venue is accessible with wheelchair.