Leaflet #9: Introducing CRIP_sessions

During the spring of 2018, c.off work further with the accumulated knowledge the outcomes and from the projects KROPPSFUNKTION (choreo-abilities) and (im)perfect choreographies. In CRIP_sessions (Critical Research In Progress) our aim is to discuss and further investigate notions on ability, movement and language.

CRIP_sessions (Critical Research In Procress) are a series of five interventions organized by c.off in collaboration with DOCH, the School of Dance and Circus, and ABF Stockholm. CRIP_sessions depart from and work further with c.off’s publications KROPPSFUNKTION – en antologi [CHOREOABILITIES – an anthology] (2015) and IMPERFEKTA (2017). In each session a specific, but intertwined theme is approached. In turn, we devote ourselves to a critical search for in-between places, in which notions of (dis)abilities and alikeness posed by the norm are investigated, discussed and re-considered.

The upcoming session is held on February 17th in our studio at Körsbärsvägen 9, and will approach the structures of participation. The session derives from Ann-Charlotte Glasberg Blomqvist’s essay in the booklet Trådbyggen från utsidan i parallell vändning from the publication IMPERFEKTA, which c.off released in 2017. During this session, Ann-Charlotte Glasberg Blomqvist will hold a lecture on participation, followed by a discussion with the audience, in which the complex notions of participation and its power structures will be examined and discussed. The text as well as the lecture is based on her research on participation art. We asked more about her research and what to expect from the upcoming lecture:

“Since many years, I have as a teacher of theory in Fine Arts at Akademi Valand, been interested in participation in art. Since the 1990’s it has become a wider and more multilayered field in contemporary art, and more and more artists and students engage in it. But it also contributes to changing art itself – what we perceive as art, how we understand the roles of the “artist” and the “observer”, or how art can be presented or face a broader audience.

My essay Är du med eller inte? Om deltagande i konst in Trådbyggen från utsidan i parallell vändningdiscuss how this topic crosses over both complex notions and issues, and how they can be negotiated with from different angles. I have also written a Master thesis in Art history about how the concept of “relational aesthetics” was introduced and established in Sweden in the mid 1990’s, a concept that has had – and still has – a great impact on how participation in art has been perceived in the Swedish art context.

Right now I am working on a research application that focus on the role of art criticism in participatory art, where an art work might be hard to grasp for those who have not participated in it themselves. During this CRIP_session I will develop the ideas that I highlighted in my essay – the history of participatory art and some of its crucial apprehensions. We will focus on a couple of art works and discuss the strategies and methods that come out of it. What happens with art in these examples? And what happens with the people in it; who does the work, and how?”

Every session is open for everyone; you can attend one session or all of them. For more information, study literature and scheme, go to project page CRIP_sessions. Welcome on the 17th of February!