Pitch workshop with WISP

Welcome to a pitch workshop in collaboration with WISP

(for women and transgenders exclusively.)

Tuesday 12th of September 4pm – 10 pm in c.off studio

Join us to try out your pitch on a friendly feminist!

The workshop is set out to be a platform were women and transgenders in performing arts can discuss, develop and explore ideas.

Do you have an idea you’d like to elaborate, a text that needs feedback or a project in need of an audience? Or maybe you are looking for a new context and crowd? This evening is a chance for all embarassing, grand, unique and petty ideas to see the light of day and become real.

Come to pitch, get inspired, give feedback or just for the hangout.

Checkout the event on facebook for more updates!

WISP is a network and community for normcreative and feministic cultural work.

WISP is the first and largest organisation for women and transgenders in all fields of performing arts.

WISP stands for Women In Swedish Performing arts.

For more info visit WISP facebook page