Poetic Procedures open dance class is back

Poetic Procedures is a choreographic format for Swedish choreographer, artist and reoccuring c.off resident Pontus Pettersson, to share his current interests and work. It started as an evening activity on Tuesday nights in the autumn of 2016 at ccap/c.off where Pontus hosted open dance classes for anyone to come and join. It then emerged into poetry and how it might have similar ways how it exists in the world as dance and choreography does; Poetic Procedures was initially dedicated to – listening as a possible ethics – hospitality as a choreographic principle for dance, – poetry as enfolding realities – Being together outside everyday chores, responsibilities and production, a care, a radical we was/is perhaps to be found.


Poetic Procedures is a module and a frame, which anything that is urgent can be inserted, and what might come to being in the actualisation of the class. Formally it exists of participatory choreographies and practices such as the ‘cat practice’ and ‘Tiles & Titles’ to name a few. Poetic Procedures is for this spring dedicated to the coming performance of ‘body of water’ (working title).  The work departs from the invitation by British curator Hanna Zafiropoulos to respond to the writing of Russian Marxist and Feminist Alexandra Kollentai during a one-day performance in the Spanish artist Dora Garcia’s new exhibition at Tensta Konsthall in Stockholm.

For this spring water will be the element, substance and subject of the work. The sheer fact that more then half of our body is made out of water, what would happen if we allow that water to have agency over our own and other bodies? If I perceive the water in you, perceive you as water, how might my relationship to you change? Water flows between, and through, bodies – its molecules have strong cohesive forces; a tendency to stick together. How will engaging with you on a liquid level change the way my body, and the collective body move?

As the previous occasions the dance classes are from 19.00 – 21.00 (ish) and anyone are welcome to join, you don’t have to be a trained dancer. The classes will consist of different practices and choreographies concerning water and liquid qualities.

The days differ from Wednesdays, Fridays and Mondays but always starts at 19.00.

Schedule so far:

Wednesday 7:th of March

Friday 16:th of March

Wednesday 21:st of March

Monday 26:th of March

Monday 2:nd of April

Friday the 13:th of April

The schedule will be updated later on as the classes are set to continue to the second week of May.

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