Poetic Procedures – the dance class

One of our residents from this summer, Pontus Pettersson are extending the project Poetic Procedures into a continuous dance class this fall. He told us some insights about the project, work methods and the forthcoming Tuesdays – A mix of dance class, poetry book circle and discotheque – being together in time.

Pontus: Poetic Procedures is a continuation of my interest in poetry and how it has similar ways of existing in the world as dance and choreography. For this project I’m looking into the specific situation/choreography of a dance class.

One could trace back the project already to my MA in choreography at DOCH, or one of my latest project The Poeticians. But even further I think there is a love and joy in dancing that I want to promote through this project.

A part my work method is talking to friends and colleagues, to think a lot and to take my time. Something else I tend to always do is to buy more or less useless object from the flea market that somehow speaks to me. The Process has been great but it will be different for sure when there will be a lot of other bodies that all have their own agency and practice, wishes and wantings, I’m looking forward to that.

I believe putting yourself in a situation where the situation demands or choreographs you to the places you want to go. The residency is filled with other thinking people that for me create a milieu that enables a critical thinking. In terms of development I always find the real crucial point of conflict/departure happens in the meeting of others.

Poetic Procedures will also be part of a new work that will premiere at the theatre Weld in mars 2017 and I think a lot of the stuff that will happen in the dance class will for sure be happening on stage even if they are two very different project with different trajectories.

Poetic Procedures – the dance class will take place in c.off/ccap studio on Tuesdays this fall, for more and updated info visit the facebook event.