CRIP. journal #2

CRIP.journal #2 approaches the artistic and pedagogical working processes of the project MR_ Moving Reciprocity together with Lindeparken Special Needs Upper Secondary School and Enskede Årsta Vantörs Daily Activity Center in 2017-2019, with a special focus on the notion of Crip Time. CRIP.journal #2 includes essays, interviews, film and photography, released in a limited number of printed copies.

Texts are written in or translated in to Swedish.

CRIP.journal collects, discuss and acts on the critical mass of’s artistic and discursive art projects. CRIP.journal forms a place where mutual learning processes are conducted, and artistic labor is processed.

Contributing writers: Anja Arnquist, Izabella Borzecka, Elin Grelsson Almestad, Carina Hoijar, Petra Kuppers, Madeleine Lindh, Elisabeth Magdlener, Michael Turinsky and Zafire Vrba.


Graphic design: Eleonora Bergendal / La Strada Studio

Film editing Izabella Borzecka, My Carnestedt, pavleheidler, Zafire Vrba

Translation: Izabella Borzecka, My Carnestedt, Sebastian Gröndahl, Anna Radford

Photo credits: My Carnestedt /

Artistic Collaborators: Susanne Andersson, Anja Arnqvist, Julia Averstad, Izabella Borzecka, Cristina Caprioli, My Carnestedt, Ella Effendy, Carin Elander, Elin Grelsson Almestad, Petter Gustafsson, Carina Hoijar, Sandra Holm, Robin Höglund, Bassy Kanious-Kargbo, Anne-Charlotte Lilja, Madeleine Lindh, Oliver Mahar, Agnes Mickelin, William Olsson, pavleheidler, David Pervaz, Tove Sahlin, Alexandar Stankovic, Carl Sundberg, Johan Säfström, Elinor Tollerz Bratteby, Zafire Vrba, Jonathan Wikman, Rushin Yaka and students and staff from Lindeparken Special Needs Upper Secondary School, participants and staff from Enskede Årsta Vantörs Daily Activity Center.

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