Delta no.6

Delta is a coming together for choreographic and performative work to be shared and exercised, a place for sharing work by doing the work. Delta functions as a participatory space, where an invited guest share the choreographic intention and inquiry on the floor (not on stage). For every occasion a zine is released, available in print and online. The printed version also contains an unique poster for every zine.

Delta #6 is the sixth zine, produced with the artist Anne Juren. It’s titled Studies on Fantasmical Anatomy and presents some of her ongoing research, as well as an interview.

Editorial and working team: Izabella Borzecka, My Carnestedt/ & Pontus Pettersson/MOPA Production

Publisher: Izabella Borzecka

Graphic design: Eleonora Bergendal/La strada studio


Contributing artist: Anne Juren /

Ilustrations: Anne Juren

ISSN: 2003-2447

ISSN: 2003-2455

A production in co-production with MOPA Production, funded by the Swedish Art Council.