projects initiates and manages cross-disciplinary projects, discursive and informal activities that revises, problematizes, elaborates, shares and renews choreographic, artistic and linguistic strategies. Our projects are manifested through networks, seminars, laboratories, discursive forums, festivals and artistic productions among others, and are integral to the free, non-institutional and interdisciplinary performance and performing arts in Sweden.

Past projects
PiR - Publisher in Residence (2020)
Delta (2019)
Reading edge art book festival (2019)
MR_ Moving Reciprocity (2019-2020)
bransch_brunch (2017-2020)
(im)perfect choreographies (2015-2018)
studiekretz (2017-2018)
un/know/n (2015)
c.along (2014-2015)
Center in Marginal (2014)  / Körsbärsvägen 9, nbt / 114 23 Stockholm

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