bransch_brunch is an informal meeting place for the interdisciplinary and performing arts community at large who are interested in interchanging dialogues, share driving forces, articulate thoughts on specific working processes, or other urgent issues. Altogether intertwined in a shared space of a social (brunch) choreography. Bransch_brunch is supported by ABF Stockholm.

Upcomingbransch_brunch #8, June 9 10.30-12.00 with Reading edge festival participants and interested public.

Past occasionsbransch_brunch #1 with Cecilia Lagerström and Mertcan Semergibransch_brunch #2 Danskvarter with Tove Dahlbom and Linda Adamibransch_brunch #3 Klein with Karin M Jamesonbransch_brunch #4 with IntraGalactic arts collectivebransch_brunch #5 with Stoff – Stockholm Fringe Festbransch_brunch #6 with current, past and future residents and other independent artistsbransch_brunch #7 with ABF Stockholm



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