bransch_brunch is an informal meeting place for the interdisciplinary and performing arts community at large who are interested in interchanging dialogues, share driving forces, articulate thoughts on specific working processes, or other urgent issues. Altogether intertwined in a shared space of a social (brunch) choreography. Bransch_brunch is arranged in collaboration with ABF Stockholm.

Past occasions
bransch_brunch #1 with Cecilia Lagerström and Mertcan Semergi
bransch_brunch #2 Danskvarter with Tove Dahlbom and Linda Adami
bransch_brunch #3 Klein with Karin M Jameson
bransch_brunch #4 with IntraGalactic arts collective
bransch_brunch #5 with Stoff - Stockholm Fringe Fest
bransch_brunch #6 with current, past and future residents and other independent artists
bransch_brunch #7 with ABF Stockholm
bransch_brunch #8 with Reading edge art book festival participants and interested public
bransch_brunch #9 with STOFF-X participants and other interested trans, non-binary or female public
bransch_brunch #10 with Publisher in Residence, Live art Denmark about publishing and live art practices beyond conventional documentation.
bransch_brunch #11 (online) with Publishers in Residence xiri tara noir and Vishnu Vardhani about publishing as choreographic practice, book binding as choreographic gesture and writing as an embodied practice.
bransch_brunch #12 - evening version with Publisher in residence Karin Hald about intimacy in documentation and archiving of performance.

try_out_5-1.1  / Körsbärsvägen 9, nbt / 114 23 Stockholm

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