PiR - Publisher in Residence

PiR – Publisher in Residence is a new residency program offered by c.off in 2020 with support from the Nordic-Baltic mobility programme, and part of a long-term curatorial project aiming to explore the notion of publishing within performative art fields.

The residency program aims to facilitate and foster a discourse on self-publishing within the fields of choreography and performance by expanding the notion of self-publishing into a variety of format and materiality such as moving image, digital publishing, printed matter, performance and other formats. Through the series of residences and public interventions, the goal is to encourage choreography and performance art in published formats and the publication as a public, performative space.

Publishers in residents:

Februari 19 - March 4
Live art Denmark (Henrik Vestergaard and Ellen Friis)

March 4 - April 5
Vishnu Vardhani and Xiri Tara Noir

April 22 - May 20 (Postponed)
Karin Hald

info@coff.se  / Körsbärsvägen 9, nbt / 114 23 Stockholm

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