Studiekretz [study circuits] was an informal series of interventions and experiments with and by residents and other invited participants in which practices and knowledge was shared, discussed and re-examined. Departing from the concept of study circles, whose aim is to share knowledge in a mutual learning process and in a non-hierarchical social common, studiekretz provides a place in which ways of gathering in space and manifesting art practices are articulated, re-processed, re-examined and shared within a discursive environment.

Past occasionsstudiekretz #1-2: (im)perfekta koreografier with John Swedenmark and Kritiklabbetstudiekretz #3: Intro: Fascia and Resting Practice with Livo Vegelius and Cinzia Citastudiekretz #4: Tja chat, tjena chien, concerning mimetic displacement with Marcus Doverud and Liv Strandstudiekretz #5: Sounding score with Elise Nudingstudiekretz #6: Baroque Architecture and Submission with Carima Neusser

studiekretz is supported by ABF Stockholm.


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