un/know/n was a series of lecture performances, organized in 2015. The series attempted to explore ‘lecture performance’ as a term and genre, while presenting contemporary practitioners from various fields whose works can be positioned in the intersections of choreography, theory and pedagogics. un/know/n also posed questions concerning production and distribution of knowledge and power. Insisting on crip theory as a practical-theoretical framework - and on choreography as an alternative language as well as a deviant method for learning and unlearning - un/know/n seeked to stray beyond known paths in art and history.

un/know/n was funded by Stockholms stad.


November 24 2015, 5.30pm
Notes on The Closer I Get To The End The More I Rewrite The Beginning by Suzy Halajian (Los Angeles)

November 25 2015, 3pm
Limited Entry - The Museum and The Quarantine by Adham Hafez (Cairo)

December 3 2015, 6 pm
Notes from Utah. Notes on gray. by Katherine Hubbard (New York)

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