Reading edge is a place dedicated to the field of knowledge processed by the labor of choreography, performing arts and performance of today – a place that sustains reading as an art practice constantly moving across legacies and territories. Reading edge collects artists’ books and other experimental forms of publications in various format and materiality, published by independent artists and art initiatives operating at the margin. These publications offer insight into a multiplicity of bodies, languages and technologies, here provided the possibility to participate in the making of a collective correlation.

Reading edge is run by and opened in August 29th 2018 at our space, Körsbärsvägen 9 in Stockholm. Due to Covid-19 Reading edge will only be open upon request.

To donate a publication to the library, follow this link to register and follow the instructions to send in your publication.

Donated publications are carefully attended to and included in the reading edge’s database. Most importantly, each donation are accessible to visitors, who can encounter and read each publication at’s space.

Reading edge runs a non-profit policy. Publications are made accessible to non-commercial use only, with all rights reserved to each publisher.  / Körsbärsvägen 9, nbt / 114 23 Stockholm

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