Throughout the year our large and small studio can be rented for rehearsals, workshops, classes, seminars etc. We apply a sliding scale pricing, through which artists and practitioners unaffiliated with institutions or with small scale budgets can be offered a subsidized rate. Artists and organizations may rent the entire space, or just one of the two studios on a per hour, per day, per week or per month basis.

Previous and reoccurring tenants to the space include Balettakademin, Christina Tingskog, Claire Parsons, Dansalliansen, Karin M Jameson, Stadsteatern, SVT, the Swedish Institute, Osynliga teatern, Teateralliansen, as well as yoga classes, improvisation classes, various dance teachers and many others who have developed their work here. The space is also excellent for photo and film shoots.

For inquires, contact Administrative Coordinator If possible, please include the following information:

  • Preferred working hours - date and time
  • Contact information - name, email and telephone number
  • Organization - address and organization number
  • Specification of project or activity
  • Estimated number of participants
  • Price offer and motivation

Example of our sliding scale pricing 2020

Large studio
Institutions and commercial organizations: 1300 – 655 SEK/hour
Semi-institutions, organizations and others with a stabile budget: 655 – 395 SEK/hour
Non-institutional workshops, classes, with participation fees: 525 – 330 SEK/hour
Non-profit organizations or individuals for rehearsals: 395 – 265 SEK/hour

Small studio
Institutions, semi-institutions and commercial organizations: 525 – 395 SEK/Hour
Non-institutional workshops, classes, with participation fees: 395 – 265 SEK/hour
Non-profit organizations or individuals for rehearsals or meetings: 265 – 130 SEK/hour  / Körsbärsvägen 9, nbt / 114 23 Stockholm

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