Summertime has come and our studio is now fully booked – Mira Mutka is one of our residents this summer

Resident Mira Mutka on her ongoing project Slowotek – a perfomative practice of slowness that currently inhabits our space. 

Photo by Mira Mutka

Mira initiated slowness as an exploring and perfomative practice during her master degree project at DOCH, Dans och Cirkushögskolan/School of Dance and Circus. This particular interest emerged from a desire to question and challenge the borders of life, work and art by inviting different definitions of the practices to co-exist. The ideas developed from states of loss and a necessity for making sense of working within the arts and living in the world at the same time.

Mira: I imagine and dream of Slowotek being a shelter for queer events; appearing, functioning, affecting as well as taking care of us (who somehow come in contact with Slowotek’s contents) – in multiple shapes, forms, contexts and times. Slowotek is a place for regarding, practicing and being of and in slowness. Slowness not only as in a calmer pacing of movement, but also slowness as in slow-term allowance of processes to take place and have (a) space.

Over time I’m planning to practice slowness with collaborators and those who attend open public sessions in a continuous, flexible, ongoing and ever-changing environment within which my practices Gait, Slothing, Slowathon as well as other still unknown practices, performances, thoughts, theories and sharings can reside.

For me, the slowness practices have supported un-loneliness during profound periods of change and abilities to exist in pain in a greater context. Walking and slowly moving through complex and painful experiences gave ground to renegotiate in relation to events I perceived as senseless. Attaching to the university and cosmological/ philosophical theories helped to create well-needed distances and perspectives. Sharing the practices and re-connecting socially restored a sense of trust and of love.

I’m thinking of seeing the slowness practices as black holes and gravitational waves. I am curious about what a continuous environment of a place committed to slowness could do in a space where the organization would be based on principles of slowness. I recently read an article on the slowness principle in the brain and which mechanisms nerve cells use. Place cells might be organized and make decisions through slowness- their choreography is slowness. Something clicked deeply within me- I would like to explore and get to know more of these connections in between slowness, black holes and choreography through this research project.

Photo “Local Fluff” by Håkan Jelk