Leaflet #8: READING EDGE

c.off is currently setting the ground work for our next initiative READING EDGE – a library experiment under construction to which we now call for independent publications.

READING EDGE is a place dedicated to the rich and complex field of knowledge processed by the labor of choreography, performing arts and performance of today – and a manifestation of läsande som driver en gränsöverträdande praktik genom bekanta och obeträdda territorier.

LÄSKANT samlar artists’ books och diskursiva publikationer, själv-publicerade av oberoende aktörer och organisationer som verkar i utkanterna – tryckta, i digitalt format eller av annan materialitet och form. Insamlade publikationer ger insikt i en mängd olika språkligheter, kroppsligheter och teknologier, vilka ihop-viras över denna  kant och växelverkar i och åter-kontextualiserar varandra. Tillläsande blir ett arbete av ömsesidigt beroende, i och genom mer och mer skillnad, alltid singulär och oundvikligt gränsöverträdande.

The urge to call for publications by independent organizations and individuals who are operating on the edge of a “different” choreography was set in motion as a result of c.off’s own publishing.

– Artists’ books inhabit many formats, move across and interplay with linguistics, images and other physical or digital materiality. The artist book format invites the recipient to understand the concept of a book as one of several possible materializations of an artwork or project, and the act of reading as constitutive to apprehend its multiple outcomes, tells Izabella Borzecka, Executive Director of c.off and continues:

– In general, the artist book is perhaps most commonly associated with the visual arts field. However, c.off ourselves who are operating by and through choreography, as well as our sister-organization ccap, have been publishing our own artists’ books as well as other discursive publications for several years. Most recently, c.off released IMPERFEKTA – an artist book that intra-weaves theoretical texts, poetry, music and film as one of several outcomes of the project (im)perfect choreographies. Besides artists’ books – discursive publications, magazines, visuals, digital sources, audio, text and other experimental publications are also produced and published today by independent, self-organized, artist-run, not-for-profit organizations or individuals. All of which record and run a rich and complex field of knowledge processed by their borderline art practices, and all of which do not have a common physical place where they are collected, read, and visible by a non-profit policy, at least not in Sweden.

Driven by the commitment to locate, collect and assemble the legacies of knowledge processed by independent art practices of choreography, performing arts and performance of today, the open call to the READING EDGE library is the first step towards its becoming.

– Just as any library or archive, the collecting of books or publications is a never-ending project and a continuous investigation and reassessment of what it entails. We are therefore looking very much forward to what/who will respond to this call. Ultimately to provide a better insight into what is “out there”, and by assembling these independent publications together, insist on their discursivity and legacies of knowledge, says Izabella Borzecka.

This open call runs until 30th of November for donations of printed and digital publications to the READING EDGE library.  Donated publications will be carefully attended to and included in the reading edge’s database. Most importantly, each donation will be made accessible to visitors, who will be able to encounter and read each publication at c.off’s space, Körsbärsvägen 9 in Stockholm.

LÄSKANT drivs av en ideell policy. Överlämnade publikationer är endast tillgängliga för icke-kommersiell användning, med alla rättigheter förbehållna till deras utgivare. Vid offentliga läsningar, seminarier, salonger och andra diskursiva sammanslutningar som utgår från samlingen, kommer berörda aktörer att bli tillfrågade om tillåtelse och bli inbjudna att delta.


Our first open call to Reading edge was Nov 1-30th. If you want to donate a publication to the library archive please get in touch, email to info@coff.se.

For those who already donated – we will notify you by email when the publication has arrived. It is also possible to hand in your publication to us in person at c.off, Körsbärsvägen 9, 114 23 Stockholm.

We thank you for your generous contributions and welcome everyone to take part in and of the READING EDGE library in Stockholm.