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IMPERFEKTA hittas också på Konst-ig, och KROPPSFUNKTION – en antologi  och Trådbyggen från utsidan i parallell vändningAdlibris eller Bokus.


  • cover_collective
    Collect(ive) #1

    Published by School in Common & for the occassion of the Reading edge library opening on 29.08. 2018. Collect(ive)#1 is part of an ongoing investigation into collective zine-making as a form of study initiated by School in Common in 2018.  Collect(ive) thinks through documenting as a playful and plural act. It is a collection […]

  • framsida_redigerad
    KROPPSFUNKTION – en antologi (2015)

    What if so-called disabilities would be acknowledged as abilities in our present time – as a specific and highly developed knowledge and expertise? KROPPSFUNKTION – en antologi (choreo abilities – an anthology) challenges and investigates notions of such a place, in thought as well as in practice. With crip-theory as a framework, the writers rise […]

  • trådbyggen
    trådbyggen från utsidan i parallell vändning (2017)

    This collection of texts are developed along and after the working processes of the projects Kroppsfunktion [choreo-abilities] and (im)perfekta koreografier [(im)perfect choreographies]. The texts draw out and weave in threads from the labor of the projects into a multitude of discourses that doesn’t presume a beginning or an end. The issues discussed include participation and […]

  • tråd
    tråd (2017)

    Vacuum sealed thread. Included in IMPERFEKTA.  

  • tvodd
    (im)perfekta koreografier no.5 – tvodd (2017)

    Along with the working process of the project (im) perfect choreographies, a wall is filled with site-specific descriptions, interpersonal stories and odd fantasies. The wall’s becoming coincides with the becoming of the TVODD [VODCAST] – 52 film clipps adding further site-specific descriptions, interpersonal stories and odd choreographies. The VODCAST is thus one of several workplaces […]

  • vinyl-hela
    (im)perfect vinyl (2017)

    (im)perfect vinyl holds specially written music by Yoann Durant for the project and performance (im)perfect choreographies. The music is featured in two parts of the performance; (im)perfect choreographies no. 1 and (im)perfect choreographies no. 3. The vinyl includes the tracks: Re_collection, length 19:48 minutes Quartet, length 20:10 minutes Music: Yoann Durant Mastering: Jonathan Dakers © […]

  • perfekta_2_redigerad
    perfect texts (2017)

    This is a collection of texts, which unrestrained words navigate the world in disarray. The texts imagine a multitude of locations, where uncertain figures trace their own, and each other’s choreographies. Most importantly, where they follow the sensible as it travels between the very intimate and the self-exposing explosive. Finally to inhabit the kind of […]

  • imperfekta-pjäser-no.1
    IMPERFEKTA PJÄSER no. 1-4 (2017)

    IMPERFECT PLAYS no. 1-4 is a play of four choreographed conversations. The plays’ scripts are transcripts of these conversations. The script records the time in-between words, however refuses to specify their staging. Subtitles, interpretation affects, intonation, characteristics, circumstances, etc. are left to be distinguished within the text when pronounced. In that voice and in that […]

  • imperfekta-paket1
    IMPERFEKTA (2017)

    IMPERFECT is one of several outcomes of the art project (im)perfect choreographies, which inclusive dancing vindicates the sensorial, through-out the intimate and the displayed. Ultimately, to promote a common choreography. IMPERFECT includes perfect texts, IMPERFECT PLAYS no. 1 – 4, (im)perfect choreographies no. 4 – poster (im)perfect choreographies no. 5 – vodcast, (im)perfect vinyl, WALL, […]

  • wall2
    WALL (2017)

    During the working process of the project (im)perfect choreographies, a wall was progressively covered with descriptions of locations, personal stories and odd fantasies. In time, the wall became an art-project on its own, as such also one of the several workplaces where the project could unfold into a multitude of choreographies. This photo-book brings to […] / 08-545 200 55 / Körsbärsvägen 9, nbt / 114 23 Stockholm

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