Leaflet #4: a perfect (im)perfect choreography

Welcome to a first public performance of (im)perfect choreographies part 2 and 3, and a video installation before and after. The performance is one of the several outcomes of the art and research project with the same title, which in accordance with crip theory challenges the normative understanding of ability, body, movement and language.

December 8: 2 pm

December 9: 2 pm, 5 pm

December 10: 5 pm

December 11: 5 pm + closing party

c.off/ccap, Körsbärsvägen 9, Stockholm

Fri entré

(im)perfekta koreografier är en föreställning där olika, särskilda röster dansar ett flerstämmigt samtal.
Plötsliga kast och förlängd väntan styr detta danssamtal som tillåter varje enskild rörelse att begrunda sin avvikande mening. Särskilda tillsammans, med vackert allvar och med smittande humor växer flera rumsligheter fram, verkliga och uppdiktade. Inkännande och på avstånd berättas ett mellanmänskligt narrativ som spränger språkets gränser.

The project and performance is a collaboration between c.off, ccap and the daily activity center VIDA. The artistic collaborators Madeleine Lindh and Anja Arnqvist tells us more about the working process:

– The “conversation”, part 2 of (im)perfect choreographies, came about through methods of speaking of and about images. We brought images and described those, which became a practice on it’s own that eventually warped the pace and motive of utterances, questions and statements. It opened up for another way of communicating, and for other readings of narrative(s) to be made, says Madeleine Lindh.

The conversations unfolded to a performance and art in itself. It became a way of communication without having a straightforward, normative dialogue with each other. In the waiting, in the distance in-between the spoken words, certain kinds of sensational experiences and meanings were produced, and the conventional understanding of time was shaken.

– The conversation grows organically, allows a permissive environment and embraces the meaning production that arises in that particular moment. It enables a space where different meanings can occur and thrive. What is truly interesting is what happens in the gap, between the questions and the answers, says Anja Arnquist.

During the working process a lot of text material was produced, and the process was also documented through a “tvodd” (vodcast).

– The tvodd was a way of documenting what we did in the working process. We came up with the idea of a kind of “confession booth” like in reality- TV, where you could go and speak when you had something to say, show or process. It eventually became a place where an intrapersonal narrative could grow, and was interlaced with the overall working process, says Madeleine Lindh.

The tvodd will be presented through an installation, as a part of the performance. Come early and feel free to stay afterwards.

Welcome to a perfect (im)perfect choreography on Dec 8-11!

(im)perfect choreographies is part of the project KROPPSFUNKTION (choreo-abilites), with funding from Arvsfonden. The whole performance will premiere in February 2017.