Atvara with Karin Delén

One of our many residents during this spring is a group called Atvara. They are five performers with a shared belief in the preciousness of the ‘moment’, dance as a tool for change and a shifted focus from deficiencies to abilities. We asked the initiatior of the group, Karin Delén to tell us more about their […]

Marianna Feher about THE WORK TO END ALL LABOR

On Saturday we are happy to host the performative and critical gathering – Sensory Futures #1: The work to end all labor​ organized by Marianna Feher. We asked her to tell us some more about Saturdays event and the working process behind it. *Is there anything you’d like to say to those who plan to […]

Reading edge interview: Moa Franzén with ordbok/lexicon

As the reading edge library slowly takes shape, more and more publications are becoming a part of its diversified collection. With a point of departure in specific works and the artists behind them, the Reading edge interviews attempt to initiate an extended discourse regarding publishing and performative practices, and the transgressive field where those poetics […]

VOID with Irina Anufrieva

Irina Anufrieva is a choreographer, dancer and current resident in our studio. She is using the studio time for a revisit as she is taking up the work of her solo dance performance VOID, originally performed in Minsk in 2013. We asked her to tell us some more about the piece and how she has […]