KAI-EN porous
Porous with KAI-EN

Butoh dancer and choreographer KAI-EN has been a resident in our studio with several projects during the years. The latest work is the project “Porous” that will be performed at Fylkingen this week 6th-8th of December. As the title reveals, Porous evolves around porosity as a state of transformation. We met with KAI-EN to get to know […]

Baroque Architecture and Submission with Carima Neusser

This week resident and choreographer Carima Neusser inhabits our studio with the project Baroque Architecture and Submission together with the dancers Laura Oriol and Adriano Wilfert Jensen. On Saturday and Sunday 3-4th of November we open the doors for an audience to take part of the project within the frame of Studiekretz. –  an informal […]

Happenings, festivals and performances in September

September starts of  with an intense schedule as we will host two festivals, one release and performances in between. First out 5th and 7th of September is the international dance and choreography festival My Wild Flag that is back at c.off for the second year in a row with opening ceremony, performances and film screening. […]

Skärmdump 2 Pipsa Perrin Poukka
Tableaus with Pipsa Perrin Poukka

Another one of our residents from this spring is Pipsa Perrin Poukka – a practitioner that wanted to find her way back to the movement and dialogue of dance. We asked her to tell us about her working process and relation to dance practice and movement. – I’m a dancer who stopped dancing about ten […]

Atvara with Karin Delén

One of our many residents during this spring is a group called Atvara. They are five performers with a shared belief in the preciousness of the ‘moment’, dance as a tool for change and a shifted focus from deficiencies to abilities. We asked the initiatior of the group, Karin Delén to tell us more about their […]

Performance Lab 2018

As an annual tradition (third year in a row) IntraGalactic arts collective inhabits our space for a three-day lab that explores performative practices within the field of visual arts. On the last day –  Sunday 10th of June from 12 (noon) to 3pm we open the doors and welcome you to take part of their work.  Performance […]

Poetic Procedures open dance class is back

Poetic Procedures is a choreographic format for Swedish choreographer, artist and reoccuring c.off resident Pontus Pettersson, to share his current interests and work. It started as an evening activity on Tuesday nights in the autumn of 2016 at ccap/c.off where Pontus hosted open dance classes for anyone to come and join. It then emerged into […]

VOID with Irina Anufrieva

Irina Anufrieva is a choreographer, dancer and current resident in our studio. She is using the studio time for a revisit as she is taking up the work of her solo dance performance VOID, originally performed in Minsk in 2013. We asked her to tell us some more about the piece and how she has […]

Life is not a story with Minna-Kaisa Kallinen

Helsinki based resident Minna-Kaisa Kallinen currently inhabits our studio with her performance work Mountain that constitutes the third and final part of her trilogy Life is not a story. This is the story of the three (non) stories. – The idea for this trilogy, called Life is not a story, began to develop in my mind in […]