The very first leaflet reached our subscribers today quarterly leaflet #1 manifold journeys
from Executive Director Hanna Wildow is a discursive platform for border-crossing choreographic practices, located in Stockholm. initiates, presents and support projects that activate a critique of norms, gender equality and ethnic and cultural multiplicity. also provides residencies and subsidized rentals in our studio space in central Stockholm.

space3ccap/ studio at Körsbärsvägen 9, Stockholm

Most of my thoughts during 2014 lingered around the act of talking to one another. Utterings of words, articulation of thoughts, traversing translations, letters of love and loss, disorientations and discomforts, new modes, new bodies, new thoughts, new words, new news.

And so, it feels appropriate to begin 2015 with the launch of quarterly leaflet. A space for to talk to you, about our moves across territories, disciplines, dis-abilities. This first one, a real long one.

You are on this leaflet list as you are someone I have worked with earlier, or is someone I want to work with, or maybe someone I’d like to talk to, or maybe just someone who I think of sometimes. If you would like to sign of, just unsubscribe in the bottom of this letter. If you would like to sign up, see this page or write an email to


In the end of 2013 I joined forces with Swedish-Italian professor and choreographer Cristina Caprioli, as she appointed me to become the new director of – her platform for everything .off the stage – or just a cough as Cristina herself refers to it. An independent non-profit organization founded in 2004 with its own space in Stockholm, Sweden since 2010. A discursive platform producing cross-disciplinary projects and opening up opportunities for a range of different practitioners to revise, problematize, elaborate and renew choreographic, artistic and linguistic practices.

Taking on that job, I had expected a severe rollercoaster. A severe rollercoaster I was served. I come to know a woman with an enormous heart, a woman who thinks in one direction while speaking in another, a woman who sometimes pours champagne into my glass when I feel blue at work, who expects nothing less but everything I have to give, who demands a lot but always gives twice as much back, who rarely dances but who moves and moves, who loves, who writes, who works. Who never stands still. A woman who, around, no lines remain straight.


We started 2014 operating as a studio space funded by the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs; offering residencies to dancers, choreographers and performance artists who can find funding their work challenging. We ended 2014 with that same operation, but also with three major research-based projects in house – c.alongcenter in marginal, and KROPPSFUNKTION – supported by the Swedish InstituteKulturbrygganCity Council of StockholmVINNOVA, and Culture Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lottery. A new graphic profile and a webpage was designed by Moa Edlund, project coordinator Izabella Borzecka joined the strengths, Iki Gonzales Magnusson and her non-profit Utopia was hired as pedagogic leader, journalist Ylva Karlsson and graphic designer Sara Kaaman formed our communication team, collaborations were created with one activity center and two high schools for people with learning disabilities – VIDALindeparken and Kung Saga -, as well as with the high school RGRH for youths with mobility disabilities, salons were choreographed by writers Litia Perta and Jess Arndt, a week long Living Archive was installed by post-Yugoslavian collective Red Min(e)d, ideas were tested, visions both grew and failed, modes and moves and minds were explored and exchanged and entangled.


As 2015 now begins, these manifold journeys elongate. All above still involved, we are also looking forward to projected collaborations with choreographer Stina Nyberg, writer Athena Farrokhzad, poet Corrine Fitzpatrick, collective MYCKET (architect Katarina Bonnevier, designer Mariana Alves and architect Thérèse Kristansson) – and hopefully a whole bunch of others.

2015 is also assigned to deepen our collaborations with our sister organization ccap: Cristina Caprioli’s production company since 1998. The two organizations being sisters, the two directors being allies, the several projects being intersections, the many participants and fields of interests and modes of dialogue–all will be interwoven into a shared common, a duration of labor, a cluster of theoretic, poetic and social inquiries.


And, thus, I find myself writing this leaflet placed by an old wood desk overviewing a garden with humming birds and grapefruit trees in the hills of East Los Angeles. I am here for a few weeks doing research for where and with whom to present ccap project CHOREO_DRIFT in early 2016, a travelling choreography/conference that promotes choreography as a practice of politics, by the interweaving of discourse. On January 2015, will meet up with ccap in New York for the orchestration of CHOREO_DRIFT: CHOREO_POLITICS of the TRANS_HUMAN at MoMA PS1 with Peggy PhelanAvital RonellAdham HafezYoann DurantCorrine Fitzpatrick, and many more. When I return to Los Angeles in the end of January it is together with Cristina Caprioli and for ten days we will, hopefully, prepare for the staging of CHOREO_DRIFT Los Angeles 2016, currently phrased with the work title CHOREO_CRIP. An event to be co-curated by Cristina Caprioli and myself, consigned by ccap and, buoyed by the knowledge traversed in the many ccap and projects during 2012-2015.

To track our journeys, and the many sprawling directions they might take, you can follow us on Instagram (coff_sthlm), on Facebook (, or just wait for the next leaflet (projected to be sent out in April).

If you are a dancer, choreographer, artist, curator, writer or someone else who needs a place where yourwork can be entangled as much as it can be unfolded, you are welcome to apply for our residency program. We search for individuals and groups who are just beginning, who don’t fit into the more normative criteria of other residencies, or those whose work may elsewhere be considered too unarticulated— inquiries without a traced end, processes in the middle or in the very beginning, and explorations that argue with known disciplines and genres. We accept submissions throughout the year and can provide residencies for a day up to four weeks. For more information about our residencies, please visit this page.

We also offer subsidized rentals to non-institutional individuals and/or groups who are not eligible for our residency program. When available, institutions, companies and other groups may also rent the space for meetings, conferences, workshops, classes, seminars etc. For more information on our rentals, please visit this page.

As for now, lets go.

Hanna Wildow
Executive Director,