un/know/n – a series of performance lectures

un/know/n is a series of lecture performances presented by c.off. The series attempts to explore ‘lecture performance’ as a term and genre, while presenting contemporary practitioners from various fields whose works can be positioned in the intersections of choreography, theory and pedagogics. un/know/n also poses questions concerning production and distribution of knowledge and power. Insisting on crip theory as a practical-theoretical framework – and on choreography as an alternative language as well as a deviant method for learning and unlearning – un/know/n seeks to stray beyond known paths in art and history.


Three lecture performances will be held in late 2015 in c.off/ccap studio at Körsbärsvägen 9:


November 24, 5.30pm

“Notes on The Closer I Get To The End The More I Rewrite The Beginning” by Suzy Halajian (Los Angeles)

November 25, 3pm

“Quarantines of Museums” by Adham Hafez (Cairo)

December 3, 5.30pm

“Notes from Utah. Notes on gray.” by Katherine Hubbard (New York)

The lecture performances are curated by Hanna Wildow, Director of c.off and are all free of charge.

For more information, visit our Facebook-event.

un/know/n is supported by Stockholm City Council and the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs.